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How to Add a New Telephone Inquiry


Add a new telephone inquiry lead to Club OS using the 'Add Telephone Inquiry' button. This lead entry method is designed to be quick and easy to navigate while on the phone with a prospective member. 


On every page of Club OS, an 'Add Telephone Inquiry' button is located at the top, right of the page




Click the button to display a pop up window that contains the location's Telephone Inquiry Script and the following fields:

  • Location (will not be displayed if user only has access to a single location)
  • First Name [Required]
  • Last Name [Required]
  • Email [Phone or Email Required]
  • Phone [Phone or Email Required]



Optionally, a membership appointment (tour) can be scheduled from this page by clicking the '+ schedule appointment'. Select the staff member who the appointment will be scheduled with along with a date and time. 




Once all the required fields have been entered, then click save to create a new telephone inquiry lead. The new lead will be tracked as a Telephone Inquiry indicated by the auto-assigned "TI" Origin and Marketing Source. Track the new lead using analytics dashboards or reporting that includes new leads, such as Sales Performance > New Leads, New Prospect Report, Lead Origin Report, Lead Marketing Report, etc.


If an appointment is scheduled, it'll be added to the staff member's calendar.


Upon clicking save, the pop window will close so that you can return to the task you were completing prior to opening the window


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Email and/or Phone Number will be validated during entry and again upon saving. If an email or phone is found to be invalid, an error will be displayed. Update the email and/or phone to a valid email address or phone number format (7 digit number, can include additional digit for country code) in order to save




2. What happens if I add a TI lead that already exists? Upon clicking 'save', a message will display that lets you know the lead already exists with a link to their profile. If an appointment date/time was selected, the appointment will still be scheduled. Also, if the lead is within the re-interested threshold then this lead will be considered a re-interested lead


3. If the lead exists at another location within the brand, will it transfer to my location? This depends on your club's configuration. There is a setting that will transfer it to the location of the most recent interest. Reach out to your account manager or to check or change your club's



4. Does the appointment date/time selection allow for double bookings? Currently, it will allow any appointment date/time and is not based on an individual's availability. Stay tuned for further enhancements such as availability

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