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Product Updates - December 15th, 2021


PT Rewrites for Session Units, Price, and Term Length

  • The ability to rewrite training packages provides clubs with another tool to grow training revenue and increase PT Penetration. It allows for a simple, time-saving way to rewrite PT Agreements without having to cancel and restart a new agreement. 
  • PT Agreements can be rewritten to change the following features of a package agreement: 
    • Member service unit price
    • Member service unit quantity
    • Term length
    • Renew Type  
  • Who will have access:
    • Club Admins and Location Managers
    • Lower roles can be granted permission by a Club Admin or Location Manager by going to User Settings > Permissions and setting the “Rewrite Agreements” permission to Allow. 
    • If you are a club owner and do not want to utilize this feature, please contact support to have it disabled. 
  • Resources to learn more: 
  • Additional functionality will be released in January 2022: 
    • Allow rewrites for term lengths lower than the package minimum value. 
    • Calculate incremental agreement value sales commission for clubs who pay out based on Total Agreement Value 
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