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New Features Available December 14th, 2021



View Other Staff's Incoming Messages

Never miss a text or email reply! Club Admins and Location Managers can now view and reply to other staff’s incoming messages.

Click here to learn more about Viewing other staff's incoming messages


Designate Email Send Time for Blast Email and SMS Campaigns

New email campaign scheduling options allow you to schedule your campaigns in advance and Club OS will send them on the specified date and time

Click here to learn more about Designating the send time of Blast Email Campaigns


ABC, Clubhub and ASF Integrations

Member Cancellation Date Email and SMS Campaign Filter

Send winback campaigns to your ex-members based on when they cancelled their membership

Click here to learn more about Email Campaign filters


ABC and Clubhub Integrations

Enhanced Check In Filter for Email and SMS Campaign

Target members based on the number of check-ins during a period with the new enhanced check in filter in text and email campaigns. 

Click here to learn more about Email Campaign filters


ABC Integration

Keep in communication with your members by ensuring Club OS has the most up to date contact information by managing member updates in DataTrak and it will be reflected in Club OS.

Click here to learn more about the integration with ABC


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