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Rewriting a Package Agreement


The ability to rewrite a package agreement in Club OS allows you to increase or decrease units, and update the unit price and recurring fees without the need to cancel and resell the agreement. This saves time and provides additional flexibility, and provides accurate commission and KPI data. This feature is currently in pilot at a limited number of Clubs.

What Elements of an Agreement Can Be Rewritten?

These components of a package agreement can be modified when performing a rewrite:

  • Unit price

  • Unit quantity

  • Recurring bill cycle fees

  • Term length

Best Practices for Creating a Rewrite

When you wish to create a rewrite for an existing package agreement, keep in mind the list of eligibility conditions:

  • the agreement must be active (not completed, cancelled, frozen, or have a future cancellation date applied)

  • the agreement should have remaining scheduled payments if it does not renew

  • the agreement should not have credit applied to future payments

  • the agreement should not have any invoice in an unpaid, delinquent, or chargeback status

Some ineligible agreement conditions can be resolved while others cannot. To learn more about each condition and its options, please see the help article, Why Can't I Rewrite a Package Agreement?

To ensure the best customer experience, please evaluate if an agreement you are going to rewrite satisfies all of these requirements.

How to Rewrite a Package Agreement

A typical workflow for creating a rewrite consists of the following steps.

Step 1 Initiate a New Rewrite

  • Open an active Agreement you want to Rewrite.

  • If you have been allowed the 'Rewrite Agreements' permission, you will see a ‘Create Agreement Rewrite' option within the ‘Agreement Actions’ menu under the 'Create Agreement Cancellation’ option.

    • This means you may proceed with creating a Rewrite.

    • Otherwise, you need to get in touch with your Club management team to get this permission configured for you, if your club is participating in the pilot.


  • Select ‘Create Agreement Rewrite' option in 'Agreement Actions' drop-down menu

  • After clicking on the ‘Create Agreement Rewrite' option, the Rewrite Draft page will be displayed (similar to adding a new package agreement) where the Unit Price and Units for each member service, and any Fee amounts are pre-populated with the values from the current active agreement.

    • Any one-time or recurring term fees on the agreement will be shown as read-only as these fees are not editable for rewrites.

Step 2 Edit Unit Quantity and Price

Set the new values for the Unit Price and Units/Bill Cycle.

Mind the info icon tooltip next to the Unit Price and Units/Bill Cycle fields displaying the allowed values. These values will be validated when you click “Save and Review” button. An error message is shown if any value is invalid.

Step 3 Set Start Date

Select a Start Date for the new agreement from a drop-down field. This field is pre-populated with the values that correspond to the future scheduled payment dates within the agreement’s current term.

Step 4 Set Term Length

Enter a value for the Term Length of the new agreement. The original agreement's end date is displayed below to assist in matching the original term length, if desired. The term length can be set as low as 1, regardless of the package configuration.


To match the original term length, the last scheduled payment of the rewrite should be 1 payment before the end date shown. Example: If an agreement has monthly billing on the 1st and the end date is 2022-02-01, you should set the term length so that the last payment is one month before that, on 2022-01-01. 

Step 5 Complete Remaining Information

  • Salesperson - is defaulted to you, the user who is re-writing the agreement, and you have the ability to keep the selection or make a new one

  • Trainer - defaulted to the user from the original agreement (if they are not deleted); you may keep the selection or make a new one.

  • Base Payment

      • A number of Billing Cycles the Member will be paying upon the package's purchase. It is auto-populated to 1 billing cycle.

      • In order to make no down payment, the number of billing cycles can be set to zero. As a result, the Member's first payment will be scheduled to occur on the package's first billing date.

  • Today’s Payment

    • The value is pre-filled with the value of the Minimum Due Today amount

    • The value cannot be less than the Minimum Due Today amount, and cannot be more than the total agreement value.

    • If the value is more than the minimum due today and less than the total agreement value, the excess credit amount is displayed and the credit distribution menu becomes active.

Step 6 Review Proposal

Once all the parameters are set, click the “Save and Review” button to advance to the next page where you and the member can review the changes, have the member sign the terms, and confirm the payment profile(s) before completing the rewrite and activating a new agreement. Carefully review the list of scheduled payments to ensure that the dates and number of payments match your intentions.

  • Payment profile(s) will be pre-populated by the billing information that member has on file for the original agreement.

  • Any cancellation fees that existed on the original Agreement will exist on the rewritten Agreement even though they are not displayed to the user.

If you want to make immediate further edits, you may return to the previous page using the browser Back button. If you do not activate the agreement and navigate away from the page, the draft will not be saved and you will need to re-create the rewrite when you initiate it again.

Step 7 Activate Agreement

Activate a Rewrite by pressing the ‘Activate Agreement’ button. If you have opted to email the agreement a copy of the agreement PDF, it will be sent to them.

After you have activated the rewritten agreement, a no-fee cancellation will be applied to the original agreement on the same date as the rewritten agreement will start.

Step 8 View Reporting

The Package Sales Summary Report will have a separate section for all Rewrites sold in the report's date range. The rewrites are listed together regardless of the services types sold. You can read more about the report here.


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