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How to View PT Discounts on Reports


This article lists reports that reflect discounts applied to PT agreements and their invoices and provides best practices for using reports to monitor and analyze discount usage. 



The terms “PT Discount” and “Promo Code” are synonymous.


Reports that Reflect Discounts

Below are the list of reports that reflect the discounted amounts of invoices and agreements. Read the report's linked help article to understand how discounts are reflected in that specific report.

Accrual Revenue Report 
Commission Report
Member Service Sales Report 
Package Sales Summary Report
Projections Report   
PT Scheduled Draft Report 
PT Transactions Report 
Renewal Report 
Summary Accrual Revenue Report  
Trainer Liability Report 
Unpaid Invoices Report  
Vitals Report 


Best Practices

  1. The three main reports recommended to view PT discounts are the following:
    1. Vitals Report
    2. Package Sales Summary Report
    3. Accrual Revenue Report
  2. Schedule Reports to automatically be emailed to you as part of your daily, weekly or monthly business rhythm.
  3. View reports to understand how many discounts were applied and the total amount of the discounts.

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