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Applying a Discount to a Package Agreement



How Discounts Are Applied

Club Admins and Location Managers can apply a discount when selling a new package agreement.

Individual Salespeople, Trainers, and Front Desk employees can be given the ability to apply discounts by a Club Admin or Location Manager by editing their permissions in User Settings > Permissions > Discount Application.

A package agreement can have only one discount applied.

Discounts are applied to member service costs. They are not applied to fees.

Discounts cannot be applied to package agreements that have already been sold.

Discounts are converted from a percent or a dollar amount into a discount on each unit of a member service. In most cases, the discount can be split evenly among the member services and units in an agreement, but in cases where it cannot be due to rounding for fractions of pennies, the discount applied to the package may vary by a few cents from the discount as configured (always in favor of giving the member a greater discount).

If the configured discount amount is greater than the member service amount on an invoice, the discount will be applied up to the invoice amount (e.g. a $50 discount applied to an invoice with member services for $40 will apply a $40 discount to reduce the member service amount to $0).

Applying a Discount to a Package Agreement

Users who have been allowed the permission to apply discounts to package agreement sales will see a Promo Code field when initiating a package agreement sale. Clicking on the down arrow in the field will display a list of all available discounts for the member's location. Users can also type the promo code into the field and a list of matching codes will appear as the user types. Clicking the Apply button once the promo code has been selected will apply the discount to the agreement.



To remove the discount, click the Remove link.



If the discount applied varies from the configured discount (see further explanation in the How Discounts Are Applied section above), an information icon and helper text will appear.



The discount information will be shown on the package agreement screen and on the agreement PDF.


For scheduled payments that have a discount applied, a Discounts column will be visible on the package agreement screen showing the discount amount. 



The invoice that is generated will also have a line item showing the discount. 



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