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Enabling or Disabling a Package Discount


Club Admins at Anytime Fitness have the ability to enable or disable discounts for their locations.


Viewing Your Available Discounts

Go to My Club > Package Setup > Discounts to see the list of discounts that have been made available to your location(s). The status menu allows you to toggle between discounts that are currently available, discounts will be available in the future, discounts that are no longer available, or all discounts.


Enabling and Disabling

Enabling a discount will make it available for use when selling a package agreement, and disabling a discount will make it unavailable. Disabling a discount will have no effect on package agreements already sold with the discount; if the discount was recurring, it will continue to be applied to the payments on the agreement.


Table column definitions:

  • Enable/Disable: Indicates whether the discount is currently enabled or disabled. Use the toggle to change a discount's status.
  • Discount: The name of the discount
  • Amount: The dollar amount or percent of the discount followed by the type of discount (one time or recurring)
  • Status: Availability of the discount
    • Active: The start date of the discount is today or in the past, and the end date is after today or blank. If enabled, the discount will be available for use when selling a package agreement.
    • Future: The start date of the discount is in the future
    • Inactive: The end date for the discount has passed
  • Start Date: The earliest date the discount is available for use
  • End Date: The last date the discount can be used. If the end date is blank, the discount will not expire
  • Promo Code: A short promo code of 15 characters or less that will be displayed on the package agreement if applied




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