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Product Updates - December 10th, 2020



Introducing Leaderboard Analytics!

  • A new set of dashboards is now available via Dashboard > Leaderboard 
  • The Leaderboard provides a high-level overview of your club performance, quickly comparing metrics by location or employee. 
  • Additional information on accessing and using this new dashboard can be found in our help article.

Sales Performance Analytics Improvements

  • A new metric is now available on both the Overview and the Sales dashboard for Average Referrals per New Member, giving you the ability to see how successful you are at getting referrals after a sale is made. 
  • KPI widgets on the dashboards will now include the title when no results are available for the specific metric.
  • The ‘Contacted’ field will now be more accurate and consider if a user has a signed DGW or a completed appointment when determining if a prospect has been contacted.
  • Prospects that have converted will no longer be included in the ‘Leads Not Contacted’ metric. 
  • The employee filter will once again load correctly and no longer return an error message. 


Other Improvements

  • The ‘Response Includes’ filter in Text Campaign analytics will no longer be case sensitive.  For example, searching text responses for the word Join will return responses that included join, JOIN, Join, JOin, etc. 
  • Gender is now optional when adding prospects using API v3 and Zapier. 
  • The ‘New Member Response’ Drip campaign is now available for clubs using Club Systems as a billing provider. 


Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue that was causing some members to incorrectly appear in the ‘Member - Agreement Ending’ follow-up status.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing some active PT clients to appear in the PT Inactive follow-up status.
  • Text message responses that include only the word ‘Yes’ will no longer trigger the SMS Opt In response.
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