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Club OS Zapier Integration



Available Actions | Recommended Workflows | Setup | FAQs


Zapier <> Club OS

Zapier allows leads from various sources get successfully created as prospects in Club OS.  Common applications that are used to collect leads are:

  1. Gravity Forms
  2. Google Forms
  3. Wordpress
  4. Squarespace
  5. Google Sheets


Available Actions

The following actions are available in our public Zapier Integration:

  1. Find or Create Prospect: Searches for a prospect in Club OS and creates a new prospect if no match is found.
  2. Create Prospect: Creates a new prospect in Club OS. Note: If a duplicate is found an error will be returned. 

  3. Create Appointment: Creates an appointment for a prospect in Club OS. 

  4. Add Note: Adds a note to the member or prospects profile.  

Recommended Workflows

Our recommended workflows are as below, we also have pre-generated templates for many of the most common integrations that can be found here.

Your web form captures prospect data only:
Form App -> Find Prospect -> Create Prospect



Your web form captures prospect data and has a free text field:
Form App -> Find Prospect -> Create Prospect -> Add Note



Your web form captures prospect data and appointment data:
Form App -> Find Prospect -> Create Prospect -> Create Appointment 


Your web form captures prospect data, appointment data and includes a free text field:
Form App -> Find Prospect -> Create Prospect -> Create Appointment -> Add Note


Setting Up Zaps With Club OS

  1. To set up your zap, first choose the app that the data will be coming from to be pushed into Club OS. This is done in the 'When this happens...' form.  
  2. Based on the version of the Zapier integration that you are using there may be a different type of authentication or connection required.
    Version 2.0 - Users will authenticate with an API Key provided by Club OS
  3. After you have configured and tested the connection for the first step, review the sample request from your test.  If fields include additional characters (e.g. parentheses in phone numbers) they may require transformation prior to being sent to Club OS.  To view additional steps on data transformation, click here.
  4. Once you have successfully set up the Trigger in the 'Do This...' section, select the app option for 'Club OS' and select the action you would like to configure in the Choose Action Event dropdown.
    Note: If you are not yet seeing the option for Club OS you may not have pilot access in Zapier. Please reach out to your account manager to request pilot access to our Zapier integration.
  5. Once you get to the 'Choose Account' section, select 'Sign in to Club OS', when prompted, enter the API Key provided by your Account Manager. (Note: Your standard Club OS log in credentials will not work in Zapier. Reach out to your Account Manager for help with getting login credentials.)
  6. Once you have successfully authenticated your Club OS account, follow the steps to link the  fields in Club OS to the fields in your form. In the 'Customize [action]' section, enter your Club OS Location ID(or map to the form) and select the fields that you would like to be mapped into Club OS from your app or form.  The following fields are configured within Zapier:
    Not seeing a field you need? Reach out to your Account Manager or our Help Desk team to request additional fields. 
  7. Follow the instructions in Zapier to test the zap
    Was the test successful? If so, move on to test a real form submission. If not, you may need to verify all data is being submitted in the correct format. See additional steps for data transformation to help troubleshoot potential errors.
  8. As a final step, submit a test outside of Zapier.  We recommend submitting two tests, one with all form fields completed and one with only the required fields completed.  Verify the prospect/appointment/note that is created in Club OS reflects all the fields that were submitted. 



Why am I seeing duplicate errors for the Create Prospect Zap?

  • If you are not already, we highly recommend using the Find and Create Prospect Zap instead of the standalone create prospect zap. The Find and Create Prospect Zap will look up users prior to attempting to create them which will reduce or eliminate the duplicate errors. 
  • If you continue to see duplicate errors using the Find and Create Prospect Zap, you may need to double check the formatting on the look up.  In some cases extra formatting in phone numbers can prevent the 'Find' step from being successful and result in a duplicate error. 
    • We recommend using the 'Transform' option that Zapier offers to alter the formatting of your phone numbers: 
    • Screen_Shot_2021-05-06_at_8.52.31_AM.png


How do I map my location dropdown to the right locations in my Club OS zap? 

  • If you are using a single form for multiple locations it is likely that you will need to map the locations when setting up your Zap. To do this, you will need to set the hidden values for the form dropdowns to the location ID of the location in Club OS. 
    • Ninjaforms - Enter the IDs in the value column as shown below:
    • Gravityforms - Enter the IDs in the value column as shown below:



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