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Product Updates - November 17th, 2020



New! Paid Pass and Student Follow-up Statuses!


  • Two new prospect follow up statuses for Paid Pass and Student are now available in Club OS.  
  • A new paid pass and a student button can be added to digital guest waivers to create prospects with the applicable origin and status when the button is used. 
  • Memberships can now be designated as 'Student' membership types in My Club -> Admin Settings > Memberships 
    • If a membership that is designated as 'Student' is sold in your MMS no event will be automatically created in Club OS and the sale will not count towards close KPIs. 
    • Users whom purchase student memberships and are created as members in Club OS will have the origin of 'Student' automatically applied.


Contact your account manager to get these statuses set up at your club today! 

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