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Product Updates - November 12th, 2020


Messaging Campaign Analytics

  • A location filter has been added to the email and text campaign analytics dashboards to allow users to view the results for campaigns by location.
  • With this enhancement, users will now be able to view and analyze results for campaigns sent by other users at their club or location.

API V3 Improvements

  • The following search parameters are now available in API v3 for /users:
    • External ID 
    • First Name 
    • Last Name
    • Email 
    • Mobile Phone
  • The following detail has been added to the user information that is returned in the /users API:
    • Membership Follow-up Status ID & Name
    • PT Follow-up Status ID & Name
    • Interests
  • Prospects and Members added via API v3 can now have the following fields defined:
    • Walk In - When set to True the prospect will be added with an origin of ‘Walk-in’ unless otherwise specified. A walk-in event will be created on the calendar for the prospect with an attendee status of completed. 
    • Interests
    • SMS Opt Out  - When set to false, the prospect/member will be opted-in to SMS communications. (Also available for PUT requests)
    • Email Opt Out - When set to false, the prospect/member will be opted-in to email communications. (Also available for PUT requests)
    • Ignore Phone Number Matching - When set to true, phone numbers will be ignored when checking for duplicate prospects.
  • Adding users to Club OS via a POST request to API V3 will now follow all location specific duplicate logic rules defined for the club. 
  • Users can be designated as Not Interested for PT or Membership follow-ups via API
  • All API v3 documentation can be found here

Other Improvements

  • The performance of the email campaign filter has been improved to support clubs with a large number of email campaigns. 
  • The VIP Guest text on the DGW has been updated to be more concise and improve the experience using the Digital Guest Waiver. 

Bug Fixes

  • The email campaign filter in Email Campaign Analytics will now display all campaigns correctly for Unrestricted admin users
  • Addressed an issue that was preventing some automatic campaigns from appearing in the campaign filter for Email Campaign Analytics. 
  • Anytime Fitness members with PPV memberships will no longer enter the ‘Member - Agreement Ending’ status.
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing some sessions from being validated when a check-in occurred due to a timezone issue.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing some Club OS agreement PDFs to regenerate when the PDF was downloaded. 
  • Addressed an issue for Anytime Fitness for missing triggers to update Club Hub.
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