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Product Updates - September 29th 2020



Introducing New Origins!

  • Club OS has added several new origin options to allow clubs to more accurately track where leads are originating from.
  • The following new origins will be available for clubs that choose to enable them:
    • Paid Pass
    • Student 
    • Lost Join 
    • Social Media
    • Pay As You Go
  • Origin can now be specified when adding prospects using any of our APIs or Zapier

Introducing Our New ‘Lost Join’ Follow-Up Status! 

  • Want to target prospects that began the online sign-up process on your website but didn’t complete their purchase?  We have a new status for that! 
  • When the new 'Lost Join' status is enabled, leads created with the origin of Lost Join will be automatically moved into the new ‘Lost Join’ follow-up status and receive the unique follow-up cadence and scripts.
  • Contact your account manager to enable this status at your club. 



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