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Product Updates - September 9th 2020



Introducing Zero Day Automatic Follow-Ups!

    • Automatic follow-ups can now be configured to send immediately when a user enters Club OS or when a change occurs to a user's follow-up status. 
    • Any follow-up with a zero value in the cadence can now be set up to be automatic in Follow-Up Settings > Schedule & Scripts. For more information on configuring zero-day or standard automatic follow-ups, check out our help article
    • Company and location follow-up hours can now also be defined within Follow Up Settings > Settings so that clubs can customize the hours during which zero-day follow-ups may be sent.  By default, no messages will be sent before 8am or after 8pm in the timezone of the location. 

    • If you wish to make updates to your follow-up cadence, please contact the Club OS support team ( or reach out to your account manager.



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