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Product Updates - July 23rd 2020


 Control Text Campaign Audiences 

  • Club Admins can now define which audience types should be available for users sending text campaigns.  Users can have access to only prospect audiences, member audiences, inactive member audiences or any combination of the three. 

Member - Agreement Ending Follow Up Status

  • The member - agreement ending status is now available for all clubs! Scripts can now be defined at the club or location level in My Club > Follow Up Settings > Schedules & Scripts.  The threshold that determines when an active member should move into the Agreement-Ending follow-up status can also be set from My Club > Follow Up Settings > Settings. 

Sales Performance Analytics Updates

  • The follow-up status filter on the ‘Scheduled Follow-ups’ tab in Sales Performance analytics will now include PT follow-up statuses to allow users to easily see the follow-up information for PT specific follow-ups. 

Other Enhancements

  • The ‘New Account’ email set to new employees at your club will now include a link to the branded club login page. 
  • Prospects and Members created via API v3 without a marketing source will have their marketing source set to ‘Not Provided’ by default. 
  • The /users endpoint in API V3 has been updated to return the internal Club OS User ID when a duplicate user is found in the system on a POST request. 

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue that was requiring passwords to be reset repeatedly for some users. User’s passwords will once again remain valid after being reset.
  • The ‘Join Date’ shown for members will once again reflect the oldest sale date for membership agreements. 
  • Corrected an issue that was causing some icons to appear on top of the account settings menu when on the user search page. 
  • The Club OS user look up logic will now more accurately consider users with a blank first and last name when determining if there is a duplicate member or prospect.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing a discrepancy between the Vitals Report and the New Member Orientations report for Fitness Consultations at POS, both reports will now consistently reflect the same number. 
  • Credit can once again be applied to agreements with future start dates and will be evenly spread across the package invoices. 
  • Addressed an issue that was preventing the ‘Unpaid Invoices Report’ from being run successfully for all locations at a club. 


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