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Club OS API Overview


Club OS has a few different API's that can be used to send data into Club OS or create users or events via API, each API was created with a specific purpose in mind. 

Check out the information about our APIs below to determine which one should be used for your specific use case: 

  • API V1 Overview - The Club OS API V1 provides endpoints for creating prospects, members and employees in Club OS.  Additionally, it includes endpoints that allow users to lookup users in Club OS as well as add referrals or check-ins to members in Club OS. 
  • API V2 Overview - The Club OS API V2 provides endpoints for accessing the Club OS Calendar, Agreements, Leads, Follow-Ups and KPIs.
  • API V3 Overview - The Club OS API V3 provides endpoints for searching users, events, locations, agreements, and much more.  The API supports the creation of users and appointments and is the newest API that will be used for all future API implementations. 
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