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Location Other Email Addresses (Notifications)


Weblead Notification 

Setting up Weblead Notifications allows all users listed to receive a notification every time a weblead is added to Club OS. This helps notify users of a new weblead so they can login to Club OS and follow up with them as quickly as possible.


Club Admins can set this up and manage the listed users by going to My Club > Location Settings > Location Defaults > Choose Location > Location Other Email Addresses. Add as many user’s email addresses making sure they are separated by a comma. 


The notification will contain demographic information of new prospect. If it also includes “*This prospect has shown interest in the club before.” then they’ve submitted their information but is already a prospect in your club.


Guest Pass Expiration Notification

Setting up the Guest Pass Expiration Notification will provide an emailed list each morning of all active guest passes that are expiring. Club Admins can set up and manage this list in the same way as Weblead Notification.

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