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Telephone Inquiry (TI) Script


TI scripts can be added to the Add New Lead Page so that staff can have a call guide to follow during telephone inquiries.


The script can be added in My Club > Admin Settings > TI Script so that it’s applied to all locations. If TI scripts should vary between locations OR you do not have the concept of Unrestricted Admins (typically not needed for brands with less than 3 locations), you can add location specific scripts to My Club > Location Settings > TI Script > select location. 


Only Club Admin roles have the ability to access these tabs. It’s recommended that the script be written as a general guide with talking points rather than a line by line call script. 




If you'd like to use the default scripts, copy and paste the following: 


  • Smile into the phone
  • ALWAYS Collect First Name, Last Name and Email and/or Phone
    • “In case we get disconnected, what’s the best phone number to reach you at?”
    • “May I grab your email so I can send you more information?”
  • GOAL: Schedule a Membership Tour


Prompting Questions

  • Have you ever visited our Club(s) before?
  • Do you currently work out?
  • What are you looking for in a gym?


How to answer pricing questions

“Our Memberships Range from [$ - $] depending on what you’re looking for. What day can you come in to check out the gym and discuss the options?”


If they ask for a free pass

Let them know you will send email and they can bring in the email to activate their free pass. [CHECKMARK ‘SEND NEW PROSPECT RESPONSE’ on this page IF ONE IS SETUP]



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