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Product Updates - June 17th 2020



Control Email Campaign Audience Options

  • Club Admins can now define which audience types should be available for users sending email  campaigns.  Users can have access to only prospect audiences, member audiences, inactive member audiences or any combination of the three. 

Create Sales Events via API 

  • A new API endpoint is now available to support the creation of appointments via API by third party tools or customer integrations. The endpoint will support only appointment event types (scheduled or unscheduled) and will default to club reminder settings unless otherwise specified. 

Create Guest Passes via API

  • A new API endpoint is now available to support guest pass creation via API by third party tools or customer integrations.  Once a prospect has been created the API can be used to add a guest pass for the prospect based on the designated guest pass start date.  

Other Enhancements

  • A club's saved email templates will now be listed first above Club OS email templates to allow branded templates to be more easily accessible. 
  • A page refresh will no longer be required to update the visibility of the follow up button in search after a follow up is completed. The button will immediately be hidden after the follow up is completed unless an additional follow up is due.  
  • The follow up settings page has been updated to include tabs in order to improve the user experience and separate out settings from the scripts and schedules. 
  • A new user permission is now available for users of analytics to allow users to view leaderboards across locations and compare their performance to other locations within the club. 

Bug Fixes

  • When sharing a waiver link the text message option will no longer display for club locations that do not have an SMS number configured.
  • Addressed an issue that was causing the ‘Only show employees with follow-ups’ filter to lock up and not correctly filter the list of employees. 
  • Running a process within Follow Up Settings will now send an email to the logged in user notifying them of job completion.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing the ‘Call’ button to show as unavailable in user search. 
  • User search will once again return results when the ‘Contact Info’ filter is used to filter user data.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing some event notifications to be sent inconsistently.
  • Addressed an issue that was causing the ‘Unpaid Invoices’ number to be reported incorrectly in the Vitals report. 
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