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Club OS Referral Form


Club OS can build a referral form link to provide to members or placed on a device to collect referrals from existing prospects or members. The link is also an option in your merge tags (aka. Dynamic Tag or Dynamic Content) for email campaigns so members can refer as a call to action. Each referral submitted will auto-create a prospect profile. Their origin and marketing source will be ‘referral’.


Included Fields:

  • Member Email
  • Referral Name (x5)
  • Gender M/F (x5)
  • Phone (x5)
  • Email (x5)
  • + Add another friend (button)


Formatting will be based on your Club OS theme and logo. 


For additional questions or to begin the process, reach out to Form requires a one time fee. 


Troubleshooting: If the member has more than 1 profile associated with their email address and they are filling out the form not directly from of a marketing campaign, it's possible the referral is added to another account associated with their same email.

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