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Product Updates - May 22nd, 2020



Product Updates

  • Employees that have had their access revoked will now be excluded from the selectable ‘Toured By’ options on the Digital Guest Waiver
  • Clubs using sales performance analytics can now manage membership types within the Club OS application, this will also allow Clubs to explicitly exclude certain memberships from analytics. The new option can be found in Admin Settings > Memberships. 

Bug Fixes 

  • For Training Management customers, the refund invoice page has been updated to include the tax that is being returned as part of the refunded transaction. The page in the app will now match the invoice PDF.
  • A date logic issue that was causing a discrepancy between the ‘Unpaid Invoices’ field in Vitals Report and the Unpaid Invoices report has been addressed. Both reports should now match.
  • An issue that some customers may have been experiencing when applying filters for ‘Include Deleted’ and ‘Assigned Follow Up Employee’ in User Search has been resolved.  
  • An issue that was preventing the most relevant search result from being returned in the top of search results has been addressed.
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