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Product Updates - April 30th 2020



User Search Updates 

  • Employees can now save time by completing scheduled follow-ups directly from search results. The follow-up button will be shown to users with access to complete the follow-up when a member or prospect has a follow-up due.  

  • Search results will contain a lock icon if the user’s log-in privileges have been revoked

ABC Integration Updates

  • Employees will now have their accounts updated automatically when their status changes in ABC DataTrak.
    • When an employee becomes inactive, their Club OS account access will be revoked. 
    • When an employee becomes active, their Club OS account access will be restored. 

Sales Performance Analytics Updates 

  • Leads Tab - Users can now filter based on which leads have been contacted.  A new column has been added to the table to show which leads have or have not been contacted.

  • A ‘My Performance Dashboard’ is now available for Clubs using analytics to allow salespeople to view their personal performance.

Bugs Fixes 

  • Corrected an issue that was preventing certain accounts from showing up when using the ‘Returning Guest’ option on the DGW.
  • Referral links that are included in email campaigns as dynamic content will once again be clickable. 
  • Invoices associated with a cancelled agreement were not showing on the PT Scheduled Draft report even when the invoice was billed prior to the cancellation.  The report will now include invoices that were billed prior to the cancellation date. 
  • The lead origin report will once again return a blank report with headers when there is no lead data to report. 
  • The segment count for some text campaigns appeared to be much higher than expected based on the characters being used. Users will now see additional help content to assist them in correcting bad characters that would increase the number of segments used. 
  • Corrected an issue that was causing the employee selection options in the follow up window and the prospect profile to be different. Both employee drop-downs will now list the same set of users. 


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