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COVID-19 Accommodation: Temporary communications hold for clubs with limited operations


In light of recent public health concerns, many clubs have reached out to us asking for support in placing temporary hold on communications like automated email campaigns while their locations have reduced operations. We have adjusted automated follow-ups and campaign schedules based on customer request, or for customers that are in an area enforcing shutdowns. (Please note that this may have been automated for you, depending on your location. If you are not sure whether you are affected, please reach out to us and we can assist.)

Important note for clubs with locations on hold: During this period, please disregard ‘active’ status and ‘approximate recipients’, since these may not update to include recipients/locations that are on hold. 

Your club’s communications will be affected as of your temporary closure date. During the shutdown, here’s what to expect:

  • Automatic Follow-ups and event reminders will not send to any of your closed locations while you are shut down
  • Automatic email campaigns will not send to any of your closed locations at all, even if you create a new one while you are shut down. Campaigns will still send to open locations.
  • Previously scheduled blast email and text campaigns (even if they display as Active) will not go out to any closed locations unless you modify them after your temporary closure date.  
  • You can create new blast email and text campaigns (on or after your temporary closure date) and they will go out as expected. This is the best way for you to continue to communicate with your clients and prospects for the time being.

We'll post updates here as they become available. Please contact our support team with questions, or to let us know when you are ready to resume normal operations. We look forward to getting you back up and running as soon as possible!

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