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01/22/20 Release


Formatting Change to Report Tabs

To make it easier for customers to use automated actions on the Sales Rep Production Report and the Lead Source Report, we have removed dates from the tab names on these reports.

Follow Up Audit Report Improvements

Improvements were made to ensure this report provides expected results. Duplicate data will not appear. A "Type" column has been added to the right of the "Action" column, to indicate whether the Follow-Up was manual or automatic. When filtering this report by location, note that in cases where the Employee and Prospect have different locations, the report will reflect the location of the Prospect.

Preventing blank fields in the DGW from overwriting Prospect account information

If a Prospect completed a DGW without entering their home address, the blank values were being used to replace any existing home address information in their account. We made an update to prevent empty ("null") Home Address fields in the DGW from overwriting existing data in the Prospect's account. (However, if new, non-null data is submitted in the DGW, this will still overwrite existing data.)

Repeating Events

In some situations, the system was generating an additional event at the end of a repeating series. The date calculations have been corrected to ensure that the expected number of events appears.

SMS Campaigns

Certain text campaigns were getting stuck in a "Pending Send" state when a send error occurred. Now, if an error occurs, the campaign will be marked as "Failed" so the sender can identify that there was an issue.

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