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Services vs. Packages


It’s important to understand the difference between services and packages, and how they relate to each other. Watch our quick explainer (01:17 minutes), or read below.

Member Services are the foundation of Training Management -- a basic single unit, session, or class. An example of a Service would be a 60-minute personal training session, or a 30-minute small group training session. Services must be created in order to sell packages and schedule members for certain types of calendar events.

In Service setup, you can choose default settings for pricing, length in hours or minutes, commission, and expiration for each unit. These settings can be changed during package setup or at the point of sale.

Packages are what is actually sold to the client, appearing on the agreement or contract they sign with you. An example of a Package would be: 2 personal training sessions every week for 12 weeks.

Inside Packages, you can bundle one or more services in any combination you need, and then determine specific package settings, such as term length and renewal. Some of the settings at the Package level can be adjusted at the point of sale if needed.

Services vs Packages cheat sheet preview 
Use the link below to download the PDF cheat sheet for reference.

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