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What is Training Management?


Training Management is a powerful tool that allows gyms to create, manage, and sell agreements for things like personal training, group training, or even classes. Once you know the basics, you’ll be able to customize services, packages, and agreements according to the needs of your club.

Watch our (less than 1 minute) overview, or read below for a quick introduction to Training Management.

Training Management helps you to:

  • Create services and packages
  • Sell packages and manage renewals and billing
  • Schedule and manage paid events
  • Keep track of commissions for trainers and salespeople

These tools are found under My Club, Package setup. This is available only to Club Admins by default, but can be granted to any role via the Permissions menu.

My club - package setup

Use the link below to download this overview for reference.

Visit the Training Management section of our Help Center for more resources.

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