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Introduction to Member Services


Watch this short video (04:29 minutes), or read below, for an introduction to Member Services.

A Member Service is a single unit, session, or class -- something your club offers beyond a membership. An example of a service would be a 60-minute personal training session, or a 30-minute small group training session. Services must be set up in order to create packages and schedule members for certain types of calendar events

In Service setup, you can choose the default settings for pricing, duration, commission, and expiration for each unit. Some settings are just guidelines, and can be adjusted later during package setup or at the point of sale. 

This example will walk you through creating a 60-minute personal training session. If you want, you can even open up Club OS to practice in real time.

    • Go to My Club -> Package Setup.


My Club - Package Setup


  • Click the Member Services tab on the top left. You may see other services listed here, if your club has them set up. Now, click Add Member Service on the top right.


Add New Service button


  • This will take you to a setup page for your Member Service. First, select the location or locations where your service is available. If your member services are exactly the same at all locations, select all locations when you create your services. If settings or services vary between locations, set them up separately at each location.
  • The Name appears in service packages and member agreements, as well as Calendar events. Make sure this is clear and descriptive. It’s best practice to include the duration of the service in its name. We’ll name our 60 minute personal training service “PT 60”.
  • Description is not required, but can be used to add additional information if you want. 
  • The Event Type corresponds with Calendar Event Types. You’ll notice that the same options are available in the Calendar when you are creating a new event. For this service, select “Personal Training”

Event Type


  • Pricing (Unit Price and Unit Price Min) allows you to set the maximum and minimum price for your Service. Providing a range allows for flexibility later in the sales process. Or, to keep it simple, you could enter the same number for minimum and maximum. 
  • Duration is the length of the session or class, in hours or minutes. This can also be adjusted later if necessary. For this personal training session, enter 60 minutes.
  • You can also add tags to your service. These are optional and for your reference only, and they will only appear on the Service settings page. 
  • Expiration Duration is the length of time that each session is available to the client once it’s paid for. For example, if this is set for 1 month and your client is billed for a session on December 1st, she has until January 1st to use it. 
  • You may or may not see a checkbox allowing you to attach taxes to this service. (This depends on whether a tax setup has been created in My Club -> Package Setup -> Taxes.)


Tax Setup


  • The Member Service Commission is paid out to trainers based on the services they deliver. This can be paid out per event (flat rate only) or per attendee (flat rate or percentage), or both.


Member Service Commission


  • Once the commission is configured, the Member Service is complete and ready to be used. You can Save as Draft if you do not want salespeople and trainers to access it. Otherwise, Save and Activate. (You can edit the service after activation if needed.)

Use the link below to download these instructions for reference.

Visit the Training Management section of our Help Center for more resources.

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