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User Profiles and User Search Overview


User Search offers a variety of powerful tools. From User Search, you can contact users, access profiles, merge or transfer accounts, send email campaigns, and more. Your role and permissions determine what you have access to. If you can’t locate a specific user account or tool you need, contact your manager.

Dashboard with User search location

You can always use the Quick Search box at the top of every page to quickly find individual users by name. For a more in-depth search and additional actions, use the link on the left hand navigation menu to open the full User Search page.

When you open User Search, a list of all users at your club or location will appear by default, along with their contact information (if available to you). To refine the list, use Search Filters. You can conduct Search Actions or Sort the list by criteria like Account Created Date or Follow-Up (PT) Date. 

Quick view of User Search screen

Search by entering data in the search box on the upper left, and/or by choosing any of the filters on the left hand side of the page. You can use multiple filters in combination.

To clear out your search and start over at any time, use “Reset Filters” to return to the main user list.

**Note: If you are not getting the expected results from your search, you may still have filters set. When in doubt, "Reset Filters" for a fresh start.**

User Search Filters

Search by Role: To search for all users with a specific role, first click “None” to clear the list, then check the box next to the role(s) you are looking for.

Membership Follow-Up

  • Search by Assigned Follow-Up Employee: Find all prospects or members assigned to a particular salesperson.
  • Search by Follow-Up Status: Find prospects or members who are in a specific stage of the sales process or have a specific status. (Examples include Prospect - Appt Booked, Member - Freeze, or Inactive Member - Canceled).
  • Search by Contact #: Find prospects or members who have been contacted (more than, less than, or exactly) a certain number of times as part of the club's Follow-Up schedule.

PT Follow-Up

  • Similar sales-related filters appear in the PT follow-up section. Use “Assigned Follow-Up Employee”, “Follow-Up Status”, or “Contact #” options to search for users at specific stages of the PT sales process.

Additional Filters

  • Assigned Trainer: Find all users assigned to a specific trainer. (Users can be assigned to multiple trainers.)
  • Search by Origin: Find all users who initially contacted your club in a particular way. (Examples include Walk-in, T.I. (Telephone Inquiry), Web, Referral, Outreach, Other.)
  • Search by Marketing Source: Find prospects or members who found the club via a particular source. (This is club-specific, but may include sources like “Social Media” or “Referral”.)
  • Search by Contact Info: Find all users who have (or do not have) specific forms of contact information in their profiles. Examples include “Has email & phone” or “No email”. (This could be useful if, for example, your club is launching an email newsletter and you want to call all your members without an email address on file and get them signed up.)
  • Search by Time Range: Find all users that were created or have other actions assigned to them (like a scheduled Follow-Up, or a membership purchase) during a specific date range.

Time Range dropdown

User Search Actions

Once you have located the user(s) you’re looking for, you can take direct actions on their accounts. (Continue reading or jump ahead to some examples.)

Individual User Actions

Enter User Profile: Click an individual user’s name to enter their profile. (If the name is not clickable, that means you do not have permission to enter that user profile. Contact your manager if you need changes to your permissions.)

Contact User: Use the email, text, and phone call icons on the right for quick access to Direct Contact. If you do not see a contact method for that user, it is either not on file or not available to you. If the icon has a red indicator, the user has either opted out or does not have that contact method available. Contact your manager if you need more information. 

Contact Icons

Bulk User Actions

Use the “Search Actions” dropdown menu directly under “Results” to locate actions you can take on multiple users at once. The specific actions available to you depend on your role and permissions.

Search Actions drop down menu

Download Contact Info: A spreadsheet of contact information for the selected users will be sent to the email address on file for your account.

Copy Data to Group: Copy fitness-related information (such as workouts or nutrition data) or calendar-related information (schedule and availability) from one user to others.

Send Workout to Group: If a user profile contains saved workouts, copy it to others here.

Transfer Users: This changes the assigned Follow-Up person for Membership and/or PT sales. (This is useful if an employee is leaving and you need to assign a new contact person to their Prospects and Members.)

Reschedule Follow-up: Reschedule a selected number of Follow-Ups over a certain period of time.

Send New Account Email: Resets the password(s) for the selected user(s) and sends them an email notifying them of their new login credentials.

Send Email Campaign: Instantly send an email campaign to to your selected list. You can opt to include or exclude users who may have received the email previously. (Note: You can only send existing, previously created campaigns from User Search. To create and send a new campaign, you must go to the Marketing section.)

User Search Action Examples

Here are just a few examples of direct actions you can take from User Search:

View someone's calendar | Search by Marketing Source | Restore Deleted Account | Transfer Follow-Ups | Reschedule Follow-Ups | Merge Duplicate Accounts | Direct Contact | Update User Profile

Club Admin

Club Admins typically have unlimited access in User Search and can view contact information and profiles for most, or all, other users. (The exception is Restricted Club Admins, who cannot access profiles for any other Club Admins.)

View a staff member’s calendar: 

You want to check Salesperson Sam’s calendar to see if he has any appointments booked for tomorrow. To locate Sam’s account, enter his name or contact information in the search box, or simply filter everyone with the Salesperson role. When Sam appears on the list, click his name to enter his profile and view the calendar. 

Locate all users with a specific marketing source: 

You started a new social media campaign last month (and added Social Media to your list of Marketing Sources under My Club - Location Settings). You want to see if the campaign generated any new leads. Use the “Marketing Source” drop-down menu and select “Social Media” from the list. All Prospects and Members with the “Social Media” source will appear. 

Marketing Source Dropdown

Transfer Follow-ups: 

Salesperson Serena is leaving for another job and you need someone to follow up with her prospects. To transfer the Follow-Ups to Salesperson Sam, take the following steps:

  • Select Serena’s name under Membership Follow-up / Assigned Follow-Up Employee. The list that appears will contain all Prospects and Members assigned to Serena.

Serena as Assigned Follow-Up

  • Select ‘Transfer Users’ from the Search Actions drop-down menu. A pop-up will appear.

Popup to transfer follow-ups

  • Enter Sam’s name and check the relevant boxes for Membership and/or PT Follow-Up. You can also transfer Follow-Ups to multiple employees at once. If you add multiple names, the Follow-Ups will be distributed evenly among them. 
  • "Select the number of accounts to transfer": If you wish to assign Sam only a set number of accounts, enter the number here. Otherwise, leave this field blank to transfer all of them.

Find and restore a deleted account:

What if you accidentally deleted Serena’s account before transferring her leads to Sam? Fortunately, deleted accounts are only removed from some searches, lists, and reports; the information is still stored in Club OS.

  • Enter Serena’s name in the search box. Make sure to check the “Include Deleted” box on the bottom left.

Include Deleted checkbox

  • Serena's account will appear with her name in red, crossed-out text to indicate it is deleted.

Deleted Profile

  • Click Serena's name to enter her profile, then click the User Settings gear icon on the upper right. At the bottom of the General tab, you will find a “Restore Account” button. 

Deleted accounts can only be accessed via User Search.

Reschedule Follow-ups: 

Salesperson Sebastian has 50 overdue Follow-Up contacts in his queue. It’s Monday, and you’ve decided to reschedule them over the next 5 days so he can catch up. Take the following steps to locate and reschedule his Follow-Ups:

  • Filter Role by Member and Prospect, and choose Sebastian as the Assigned Follow-Up Employee.

Assigned filter

  • Next, filter by Time Range to limit the list to overdue Follow-Ups. Choose "Follow-Up (M) Date" from the drop-down menu. Leave the “from” date blank, and enter yesterday’s date on the right. This will narrow the list down to all Follow-Ups with a due date through yesterday that are assigned to Sebastian.

Time Range drop down options

  • From here, select Reschedule Follow-Up from the Search Actions drop-down menu. A pop-up will appear.


  • Set the Override Period: Monday the Start and Friday the End. Check Follow-Up type as appropriate.
  • If you wish to reschedule only a set number of Follow-Ups, enter that number in the “Limit” box. Otherwise, leave it blank to reschedule everything on the list.
  • Click “go”, and the Follow-ups will be rescheduled evenly across the date range you selected. You will receive a confirmation email once the process is complete.

Merge Duplicate Accounts:

Club OS automatically consolidates certain kinds of matching information into single user profiles. (An example would be a Prospect who filled out the DGW on two separate visits and entered the same full name and email address both times. Club OS would recognize this as the same person, and combine the information into one Prospect account.) However, if you find that a user does have multiple accounts, you can merge them from User Search.

You discover that Prospect Paul has two user accounts under the names Paul and Pauly respectively. You want to keep the "Paul" account and merge the information from the “Pauly” account into it. 

  • Locate the account you wish to merge from. (This account will be deleted, and its information will be transferred.)
  • Click the arrow-like “Merge” icon next to the contact icons.

Merge Icon

  • A pop-up will appear asking for the name of the user account you wish to merge into.

Merge popup

  • Enter or select the user account and click “Merge”. You will receive a final warning prompt confirming you want to proceed.

Please note that the “merge from” account must be a Prospect account, not a Member account. You can merge into either a Prospect or Member account.


In most cases, users with the Salesperson role can access the profiles for all Members and Prospects assigned to them for Follow-Up, but cannot view details of other staff members, or Members/Prospects assigned to other employees.

Salespeople have an additional checkbox for "Assigned to Me" directly under the search box that defaults to checked. If you are not seeing the users you expect to see, try unchecking the box.

Assigned to me

Direct Contact: 

You ran into Prospect Priscilla on your way to work and had a nice chat about upcoming events at your club. Your next Follow-up contact with Priscilla isn’t scheduled until next week, so she doesn’t show up in the Follow-ups widget on your dashboard. To contact Priscilla while the encounter is fresh in your mind, use Direct Contact via User Search. Enter Priscilla’s name or contact information in the search box, and/or use Role search to filter everyone with the Prospect role.  Use the blue contact icons to send a text or email, or record notes on a phone call.

Contact icons for Prospect Priscilla


In most cases, users with the Trainer role can access the profiles for all Members and Prospects assigned to them, but cannot view details of other staff members, or Members/Prospects assigned to other employees.

Trainers have an additional checkbox for "Assigned to Me" directly under the search box that defaults to checked. If you are not seeing the users you expect to see, try unchecking the box.

Assigned to me

Direct Contact: 

Something has come up and you won’t be able to make your regular 4 pm session with Member Mary tomorrow. User Search is a quick way to reach her. Enter Mary’s name or contact information in the search box and/or use Role search to filter everyone with the Member role. Use the blue contact icons to send a text or email, or record notes on a phone call. You can also enter her profile to update the appointment directly on her calendar if you wish.

Front Desk

This is the only User Role below Location Manager that can view the accounts and details of all Members and Prospects, enabling Front Desk staff to access and update profiles as needed. Front Desk staff cannot access other staff profiles.

Update User Profile: 

Member Mike got a new phone number and is calling to make sure you have his updated contact info in your system. Enter his name in the search box and click his name to enter his profile. Then, navigate to “User Settings” and update his information on the General tab.

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