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9/09/19 Release


Added Guest Waiver Submission Date/Time to the New Prospect Report

  • The New Prospect report now has a column for Waiver Submission Date, that reports the date and time of the most recent waiver submission of the reported prospect.
  • If the prospect does not have a waiver submission, the field displays “null”.
  • If multiple waivers have been submitted for the prospect, only the most recent submission should be displayed.

Follow-up statuses were displaying as options in text campaigns unexpectedly

  • It was observed in Club OS Studio that some studio follow-up statuses could be excluded, yet they were still included as options when configuring email and SMS campaign recipients, and if selected was causing an error in the campaign.
  • We applied an update that accurately excludes follow-up statuses from campaign recipients, and this scenario cannot happen again in the future.

Improvements to back end reporting functions

  • There were times when agreement data was not properly being applied to the reporting system resulting in discrepancies between reports and the front end. We applied an update to fix this so that reports will include all agreement data present in the front end.

Follow-ups do not display in the dashboard when viewing employees outside the logged-in user’s default location

  • When filtering the assignee in the follow-up dashboard widget to a user outside of the acting user’s default location, that user’s assigned follow-ups were not populating in the widget.
  • We made a change so that the default location is not the only one considered when pulling data for the follow-ups widget, and now the data is populating as expected, regardless of the default location of the selected user.

Error message appears when attempting to send a test email for “auto-expire warning” system email

  • Users were getting an error message when attempting to send a test “Auto-Expire Warning” system email. 
  • We applied an update that will allow these test emails to successfully send.

New prospects were not consistently pushing to Motionsoft

  • We found that in some scenarios new prospect accounts created in Club OS were not always creating corresponding records in Motionsoft.
  • We applied an update that will ensure new prospects created in Club OS are sent to Motionsoft and correctly create a corresponding record. 
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