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8/21/19 Release


Notes column on New Prospect report was displaying extra characters

  • Notes were displaying with encoding, so we added a step to decode the text before displaying it in the report.

Users unable to save notes in Fitness Foundation

  • Users reported that after creating notes in the General Notes section of the Health Bio, the notes did not save and were not displayed on the page. 
  • We discovered that an error in the code caused the note value not to be passed to the server upon saving, so we fixed the issue and notes are now saving as expected. 

New Prospect report showing incorrect event type in the Appointment column

  • Users were seeing Orientation type events on the New Prospect report when they should only be seeing Appointment type events. 
  • The report has been updated to only display Appointment events

Work Phone is not displayed in the “Download Contact Info” search action results

  • When pulling the Download Contact Info report via a search action, the Work Phone field was blank in the downloaded report for users that have data in the field. 
  • The report has been updated to include the correct data from the Work Phone field

Vitals report and KPIs are returning unexpected results when compared to front end activity

  • There was an issue with timezone conversions for certain events.
  • We made an update to the code to convert the timezone properly, and this resolved the discrepancies between the reports and the front end activity.

“Primary Members Only” filter results in recipients not being calculated and blast campaign can’t be sent

  • It was observed that applying the Primary Members Only filter to a blast email campaign audience caused the “calculating recipients” process to not calculate, and for the processing screen to display indefinitely. This prevented the user sending the campaign. 
  • We fixed this filter and now campaigns using the 'Primary Members Only' filter calculate recipients as expected, and can be sent.

Error when attempting to remove a log from a user’s Fitness History

  • Attempting to delete a workout from a user’s Fitness History resulted in an error and the workout was not being removed.
  • We applied an update to allow a log to be deleted, and now it’s working as expected.

Incorrect results displayed on selecting filter "Assigned Follow-Up Employee" under Studio follow-ups on User Search page

  • Selecting an employee in the “Assigned Follow-Up Employee” drop-down under 'Studio Follow-Ups' on the User Search page did not return all expected results. 
  • We applied an update and now the expected results display when the filter is applied.
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