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10/01/19 Release


Public schedule does not have a location drop-down

  • Users with multi-location access were only able to access the public calendar for their default location and not other locations to which they have access.
  • We applied an update and now all staff accounts with multi-location access are able to select a location when viewing the public calendar.

Invoices not in chronological order on Club Services page

  • The list of invoices on the Club Services page were displaying out of chronological order.
  • We made a change and now the invoices display in chronological order.

Possible to create a referral with only white space as the name

  • Users could create a referral by pressing the space bar once in the Name field and adding a valid phone number or email address, resulting in the creation of a user with no visible name.
  • We made a change to ensure names with blank spaces are no longer allowed to be added as referrals. 

Members are able to schedule themselves into public events without having a service agreement that matches the event’s type

  • Users with a member account were able to log in to Club OS and schedule themselves into public events, even if their service agreements did not include the event’s type.
  • If a user tries to book themselves into an event for which they don’t have any member services, we now display the following error message: “No sessions for [service name] currently available.”

Cancel link ineffective when editing a workout name/goal

  • Users found that clicking the link to cancel an edit of a workout name or goal in the Workouts option (under the Fitness menu) was ineffective and didn’t exit the user out of editing.
  • We applied an update and now users can cancel while editing a workout name or goal. 

Some mail-to campaign links are producing a 404 error message for sent messages

  • It was reported that creating an email campaign with a button with spaces in the mailto link’s subject or body text resulted in the links generating 404 errors in sent campaigns.
  • We made changes to prevent this from happening moving forward.
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