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7/18/19 Release


Updates and various changes to improve report deliverability. 

Event Subject added to PT Orientations Completed Report 

  • The PT Orientations Completed Report has a new “Subject” column to the right of “ORT Completed Date/Time”. The column displays the subject for the reported event/client.

A column for Event Subject has been added to the Schedule Audit Report

  • The new column is called “Subject” and displays the subject of the reported event/client. 

The “Prospect” column in the Follow-Up Audit Report has been changed to “Name”

  • The report includes both prospects and members, so we changed the column to more accurately reflect the data. Column C used to be named “Prospect” but is now “Name”.

User interface did not recognize a future freeze if the agreement was then set to cancel the day after the end of the freeze

  • It was reported that creating a future freeze on an agreement and then creating a future cancellation to take effect the day after the scheduled end of the freeze resulted in the freeze end date becoming invalid, and the agreement would not reflect the future cancellation.
  • We made a fix so that a user can cancel an agreement the day after it unfreezes and the UI will reflect both the current freeze end date and the fact that there's a future cancellation.
    • Additionally, the Agreement Actions menu displays the options "Edit Agreement Freeze" and "Edit Agreement Cancellation"
    • When on the edit freeze page, the freeze end date displayed is accurate.
    • When on the cancellation page, the page accurately reflects that there is a future cancellation.

Missing messaging when editing an agreement’s bill date that has a future freeze

  • When attempting to edit the bill date for an agreement with a future freeze date, or when no scheduled payments exist for the agreement’s current term, an incomplete error message was being displayed.
  • We updated the validation message to the following:
    •  ‘This agreement is not editable because:
  • the agreement has a future freeze.’
  • there are no scheduled payments within the agreement's current term.’

Duplicate entries in Follow-up history

  • In certain instances, follow-up data was displaying twice in a users’ follow-up history. This has been fixed.
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