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6/19/19 Release


Totals not matching on the Employee Productivity and Follow-Up Audit reports

  • The Employee Productivity report included data from additional locations and as a result the totals in the two reports didn’t match. This has now been fixed.
  • Side note: Since it was not clear that both members and prospects are included in the Follow-Up Audit report, we updated the column name from “Prospect” to “Name”

Small Group Training events were missing the “No Show - Charge” and “Cancel - Charge” options for attendee status

  • When editing a Small Group Training event, the attendee statuses “No Show - Charge” and “Cancel - Charge” were not available.
  • We made a change so that these statuses are available; the change is reflected in both past events and new events.

Recipient validation for SMS campaigns was incomplete

  • Previously, the validation code was not checking all fields upon initial saving of a text campaign. Users would only see certain validation messages when saving a specific step. 
  • We updated the validation so that all errors are flagged when the campaign is saved, regardless of which step of the campaign-creation process the user is on when they save.

Duplicate employee names displayed for some users when viewing a member’s calendar

  • Employees assigned to a user as both the trainer and the salesperson on the user’s membership were displaying more than once in the drop-down that displays when choosing a calendar to view. This has been fixed.

Follow-up assignment via the dashboard follow-up queue 

  • Previously, the dashboard follow-up queue prevented a user from reassigning Membership Follow-ups to Trainer accounts at a location. This has been fixed, and the follow-up transfer modal now assigns follow-ups consistently with the rest of the app.
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