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5/08/19 Release


Clubs or marketing partners can now define their own redirect URL for a successful landing page submission

  • Formerly, developer intervention was required to update a marketing site’s redirect URL. This meant a delay in turnaround time for the customer. 
  • After this release, club owners and their marketing partners can define their own redirect URL for a successful landing page submission, without any intervention from Club OS.
  • Forms that currently have hardcoded redirect URLs will continue to work as expected, but can be customized via the same mechanism, if desired. 

The end date of a future freeze is now displayed

  • When a user is viewing an agreement that has a future freeze, they will now see the end date of the freeze, in addition to the start date of the freeze (which we were already displaying previously).
  • The format is: “Freezes on MM/DD/YYYY through MM/DD/YYYY”

Users should be prevented from moving a scheduled payment into a freeze period

  • The system was allowing users to move a scheduled payment into a freeze period, which resulted in the agreement no longer actively billing. 
  • For this fix, we started
    • We now display the freeze period (current or future) in the Edit Payment modal 
    • When displaying the calendar for moving a scheduled payment, any freeze dates in the future are grayed out and not selectable.
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