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3/14/19 Release


“Created Date” added to the Opt Out Report

  • We added a new column to the end of the Opt Out Report.
  • The column is called “User Created Date”, and displays the date that each user in the report was created. 

Accrual Revenue Report Labeling

  • New down payments for PT agreements were being included in the Accrual Revenue Report as Renew Down Payments. This has been fixed.

Email Campaign Access for Location Managers

  • It was observed that location managers who created campaigns with access to more than one location were not able to save the campaign. This has been fixed, so location managers are able to save and edit any campaign whose locations are a subset of their restricted and default locations. 

SMS Campaign characters were rendering incorrectly in the Direct Contact modal

  • Special characters were rendering incorrectly in the Direct Contact modal on a profile page.
  • It turned out that a service was not decoding messages properly when pulling them out of the database. This has been fixed.

Update to make sure deleted users aren’t included in the Commission Report

  • We modified the code that retrieves the package-agreement salesperson history to ensure that deleted employees are not included.
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