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2/27/19 Release


Hide outcomes for prospects if the “Appointment” event type is hidden

  • To prevent confusion, Outcome options for follow-ups to create Appointments have been hidden when a club or location doesn’t use the Appointment event type.
  • We implemented new logic so that if the Appointment event type is hidden at the club or location level of a prospect, we don’t show "Confirm", “Reschedule”, or “Cancel” as follow-up outcome options for a call.

Changed logic to ensure PT KPIs reflect the correct salesperson

  • To ensure that the “PT Total New” and “PT Total Recurring” KPIs reflect the correct salesperson at the original transaction time, we made an update so that we’re referencing historical data to identify the salesperson at the time of the sale (rather than just using the currently active salesperson) and attribute credit for the KPI.
  • NOTE: Since we want to use the salesperson at the time of sale (not the currently active one), users need to change the effective salesperson on the date of sale in order to change who gets credited with the KPI. Changing the effective salesperson after this sale date does nothing for KPIs.

Apostrophes weren’t formatting correctly in User Search

  • It was reported that apostrophes were displaying as special characters in User Search, so we made a fix to prevent that from happening.

 Appointment list on DGW loads more quickly

  • It was taking too long for the appointment list to load on the Digital Guest Waiver, so we optimized the query to speed up loading.

Guest Log report mislabeling entries when the Guest Wavier has been submitted in the past

  • It was reported that the Guest Log Report field 'Waiver Date' was only showing the date of the first guest waiver submissions. This caused entries to be labeled in red as if the person did not fill out the guest waiver one hour before or after the tour.
  • We discovered that the logic was looking for the first guest waiver submission, so we changed it to look at the waiver time closest to the event.
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