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1/11/19 Release


Reduced number of quick-search results to improve the user experience

  • Some users did not realize that the quick-search results are scrollable, and were therefore missing the link to “View More Results” at the bottom of the list.
  • We reduced the number of results displayed from 8 to 5, so that the View More Results link is obvious to the user.
  • This only applies to the Quick Search function available at the top of each page.

Email Template Name Validation

  • Email templates cannot be saved if they have the same name as an existing or deleted campaign. 
  • Previously, when a user attempted to save a campaign with a name that is already being used, the error message displayed was generic.
  • The message has been updated and now reads: “This template name already exists. Please change the name and try again.”

“U” is now a hidden gender option on the Account Settings and Convert to Member screens

  • Some clubs provide the option for users to select the gender option “U” (Unspecified) when submitting their profile information. We want to respect that option while still being able to change a person’s contact information or convert them to a member in Club OS.
  • To that end, we made the following adjustments:
    • If a user has U as their gender, their contact information (name, email, etc.) can be updated and saved without having to make a gender selection.
    • If a user has U as their gender, they can be converted to a member without having to make a gender selection.
    • Users with a NULL gender will still need a gender to be selected in both of these places when saving contact info or converting to a member.
    • The “U” is not displayed as a gender option in the Club OS UI.
  • Some profiles will require a gender selection in order to complete certain actions (such as manually converting a prospect to a member), while others will not. 
  • Note: Nothing has changed for users sent to Club OS with M or F as their gender.
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