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1/30/19 Release


Text Campaigns: “Over Character Limit” Message

  • We added messages to the Content page of the text campaign builder that will alert the user when they have exceeded certain character limits.
  • Only one message will be displayed at a time, automatically (as user types), in the following priority:
  1. Display the “exceeded character limit” when the messages exceeds 300 characters.
  2. Display “message segment count” when segment count >= 2 segments and substitute X with the number of message segments.
  • When a message exceeds 300 characters:
    • Header: 🚫 Your campaign exceeds the character limit
    • Text: Please shorten your campaign to 300 characters or less before you send your campaign.
  • When a message will send as multiple segments (this occurs when the message exceeds 140 characters):
    • Header: This message will be delivered in approximately X segments
    • Text: Your account is billed based on total message segments sent. The exact segment count can vary based on dynamic tags, emojis, and the unsubscribe notification.


The Club OS login page is accessible for users with a visual impairment

  • As of the 1/30/19 release, the following accessible features are available on the Club OS login page:
    • New labels to the username and password inputs for screenreaders using the aria-label attribute
    • A language indicator (English) has been added to the page, so that browsers and other HTML consumers know what language the site is in
    • Validation messages now have role="alert" attributes so that screenreaders are notified when the alert displays on the page
    • Autocomplete attributes were added to help plugins like LastPass to identify which fields to populate

We have also made other various bug fixes and small improvements to email campaign functionality.

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