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1/23/19 Release

  • APIv2 changes 
      • Various bug fixes and small improvements.
      • All endpoints will have paging. What that means: 
        • Results will be limited to 1,000 at a time. 
        • To get more results, use the parameter “&offset=1000” in increments of 1000 to get more results. E.g. including &offset=1000 will return results 1001 to 1999. 
      • All endpoints will be moved into Amazon’s API gateway. If APIv2 users are exceeding the rate limit, they will get 429 status codes. If this happens, users should slow down the rate at which they are calling the API. 
  • Training Management 
      • Various bug fixes and small improvements.
      • The Small Group Training event type will be available for setting Availability if the club or location has the event type unhidden. 
  • Visual improvements to Training Management Freeze information. 
      • Date ranges now say frozen through and display the same date on the freeze page and the agreement and member services pages. 
      • The instructions and calendar key have been clarified to not confuse freezes with changing scheduled payment dates. 
      • We also fixed a bug where the bill cycle icons would sometimes not load on the calendar.
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