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How do I set up automatic email campaigns when using AMPE’d?


While a web lead is in the AMPE’d workflow, any other automated or manual email or text communication to these leads/prospects should stop. Staff should only follow up with AMPE’d prospects when AMPE’d prompts them via email to do so, or once the prospect is out of the AMPE’d work flow. Do not send additional emails, phone calls, or texts other than what is recommended in the AMPE’d workflow.

If your club is on AMPE’d and is using automatic email campaigns, you need to update your campaigns to avoid reaching leads in the AMPE’d workflow. 

AMPE’d also sends a ‘welcome email’ when an AMPE’d lead joins your club. If you have a ‘New Member’ or ‘Welcome’ campaign, you will follow the same process to avoid reaching new members from the AMPE’d workflow. 


1. Navigate to the Marketing section.




2. Open the Automatic Campaigns section.


3. Review each of your active email campaigns and determine which go leads/prospects. 

        a. Do this by clicking the "Edit" icon on your campaign



       b. Click on Recipients.  See who the target audience is. 



4. Any campaign reaching ‘All Prospects’, ‘Web Leads’, ‘Appt No Show’, or ‘Active Guest’ should have the following marketing source de-selected: Web-7day-amped


5. If you prefer, you can have your automatic campaigns reach your AMPE’d leads once out of the workflow through the flowing steps:

     a. Make an AMPE’d and non-AMPE’d campaign copy.

          i. Select the paper icon on the email campaign you want to copy.




          ii. Add ‘AMPE’d’ to the title of the new copy.

          iii. Click on ‘Recipients’ and remove all Marketing Sources but AMPE’d sources. 





   b. Delay the AMPE’d copy from sending for 35 days, until the AMPE’d leads have completed the AMPE’d workflow.  Please refer to the following Club OS article for more information – How Do I Set Up My Campaign to Send to Specific Prospects?

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