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Club OS Studio Basics



Club OS Studio Basics is a three-part video tutorial series covering important system features and workflows. It's designed as a resource to train or retrain studio staff on the software. This series was built for MindBody Online integrated clubs and contains some information not relevant to Club OS users with other integrations. The videos are linked below in order. 


1. Studio Basics: Getting Started

This video reviews how studio staff members utilize Club OS to identify and contact prospects as well as engage current clients to boost retention.


2. Studio Basics: Manage Staff Accounts

This video covers how staff accounts are created in Club OS. This includes how to add, manage, and locate these accounts using the User Search.


3. Studio Basics: Text Message Campaigns

This video covers what Club OS Bulk Texting can do for you!  This includes how you can use these campaigns and best practices when composing your texts. 


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