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Create a Bulk Text/SMS Campaign



To create a blast campaign, hover over the Marketing icon on your navigation bar and select Text Campaigns.


Next, click "+ADD TEXT CAMPAIGN" on the top right side of the text campaigns page.



Text Blast Campaigns are composed in four stages:

(1) Setup, (2) Recipients, (3) Content, and (4) Send.

 (1) Setup 

For your reference, enter the title of the campaign. 


(2) Recipients

The Recipients page allows club staff to segment their audiences by specific criteria. 


The Recipients page consists of two sections:


1. Target Audience: Here, users can select which Prospect or Member status(es) they wish to send their text campaign to. For a full list of Prospect/Member status definitions, click here.


Once you have selected your target audience, you will see a date range filter available for use, if needed. This filter offers the user an option to drill down to a more specified audience by date range. The additional date range filters can differ from Prospect to Member.


If a "Select" option is chosen, a drop box will appear to select a particular status from that audience. 


2. Filters: These aid users in further specifying the exact audience for which the campaign is intended.

Filters include:

Locations: Allows the user to specify the location whose Prospects/Members will be receiving the text campaign. The user will only be able to view and assign locations based on their enabled permissions. 


Gender: Allows users to specify which gender category will receive the text campaign. This filter will appear for all Prospect and Member statuses.

Note: If you do not consistently collect/mark this info, then you will most likely want to avoid utilizing this filter due to the risk of not hitting all of the intended audience.


Age Range: Allows users to specify the range in which a Prospect/Member’s age must fall in order to receive the text campaign. This filter will appear for all Prospect and Member statuses.  

Note: This is filter is generated from the birthdate within the prospect/member's account. If an account does not have a birthdate included, that prospect/member will be excluded from the campaign. If you do not consistently collect this info, then you will most likely want to avoid utilizing this filter due to the risk of not hitting all of the intended audience.

By clicking the filter’s side arrow, the following ‘Min’ and ‘Max Age’ fields will appear:



 Origins: Segment your recipients by origin.  The Origin is how a prospect initially entered the system.


Marketing Sources: Allows users to specify the source through which a Prospect/Member heard about the club. Check the appropriate boxes.


Interests: Segment your recipients by the Interests that they disclosed while visiting the club. 



Employers: Allows the user to specify the place of employment that a Prospect/Member cited in their profile. 



Payment Method: Allows the user to specify the payment method with which the Prospect/Member paid.  

Note: This filter is only for clubs that utilize ABC as their billing provider.


Once you have completed the necessary fields on the Setup Page, click “Next” in the bottom right of the page to continue.

(3) Content



1. Text Message Content Field- Enter your desired message here. 

2. Emoji Picker- This is a tool that allows you to choose the different emoji images that are available to be used within the messages sent in Text Campaigns. Currently, this feature is only available for text.

3. Insert Dynamic Tag-These tags populate unique information per each individual text recipient. EX: 'First Name' or 'Location Name'

4. Character Count

  • Character count is limited to 300 characters, including dynamic tags.
  • A user can type as many characters in the text area as desired, but if they exceed 300 characters the character count turns red.
  • If a user attempts to save a campaign with greater than 300 characters, an error message is displayed.
  • If a user attempts to save with a character count of 0, an error message is displayed.

Segment Predictor - It is encouraged to keep text messages short, however if you exceed 160 characters our segment predictor will warn you that the message will be delivered in 2 segments. 


After reviewing the content on the right in the cell phone box preview, click "NEXT" at the bottom right of the page when you are satisfied with your message.

(4) Send

The Send page is the final stage of the Text Blast Campaign building process. 

After entering the Send Date and Send Time, click Save and "Make Campaign Active" to activate your bulk text blast. 


Confirm that the campaign’s text sent by navigating to the club’s Campaign History page (located within the Marketing tab). 

When someone replies to a Text Campaign, the message will be routed to their current Membership Follow-up person. If the account isn't assigned to someone for follow-up, the message will be routed to the Member Sales Default for your club. 



If you would like to add this feature, please contact our support team.


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    Dan Sussman

    When I hover over the option for marketing I don't even get the option for text campaign. What do I need to do to get that feature?