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Welcome to the Workout Anytime Resource Center! Below, you will find training videos, helpful articles, and additional tips that will guide you through Club OS. 



Lead Entry 

Description: There are multiple ways by which the Member lifecycle journey begins in Club OS. Through the Digital Guest Waiver (DGW), Add New Lead form (Manual Entry), API Integration (WOA Website), and Facebook Lead Ads, Club OS will ensure that no lead is left behind. 

**Click here to watch the video**

  1. Digital Guest Waiver - **Click here to read the article**
  2. Add New Lead Form - **Click here to read the article**
  3. Facebook Lead Ads - **Click here to read the article** 

Follow Up Window

Description: Club OS makes the follow-up process easier and manageable for your club. Your follow-up window will automatically tell you which Prospects and Members you need to reach out to. The follow-up window will directly serve as your to-do list for the day and allows all lines of communication to remain open between you and your clients. 

**Click here to watch the video**

  1. How to perform a follow-up - **click here to read the article**
  2. Automatic Follow-Ups - **click here to read the article**
  3. Follow-Up Scripts - **click here to read the article**

KPI Window / Reporting

Description: Always have a granular view into where your business stands. At a glance, you will know exactly where your business stands every single day with our in-depth KPI's or Key Performance Indicator's. Through live stats, you will be able to strategically leverage each and every functionality to the fullest potential. 


Automatic / Blast Email Campaigns

Description: The enhanced marketing capabilities within Club OS will allow you to create email campaigns that are either one time blasts or recurring automatics, to your desired target audience further complimenting your follow-up processes. 

  1. Automatic Email Campaigns - **click here to read the article**
  2. Blast Email Campaigns - **click here to read the article**
  3. Enhanced Email Builder - **click here to read the article**
  4. Email Templates - **click here to read the article**

Bulk Text Campaigns

Description: Bulk text campaigns allow you to target your Prospect and/or Member base with messaging in an efficient and effective manner. Rather than independently reaching out to clients in succession via one-off texts, franchisees can target Prospects and Members in a segmented manner.

**Club OS Support**

If you are ever dissatisfied with any aspect of the support you have received through the support channel, or have any questions regarding new features, please reach out to your account manager.

Workout Anytime Account Manager - Corey Cole -

We understand that high quality support is vital to a positive user experience and we are fully dedicated to providing the highest quality support possible. Below are the methods and times that can be used to contact us for assistance:

Phone - (888) 619-0609   Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM CST

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    where are the recorded videos so we can watch the training on demand?