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Creating events in Club OS to show in the Anytime Fitness App


Please follow the below steps to ensure an event will show up in the Anytime Fitness App (AFA) for your clients to book.

  • Navigate to the Calendar using the left-hand navigation bar
  • Click the Add Event button on the top right.

Trainer calendar


  • Select the Event Owner who is the Trainer/Coach that is leading the session. This person should have a photo uploaded under Staff Management in the AF Dashboard. That picture will show up in the AFA.
  • Select the Event Type. (Only two event types will show up in the AFA: Group Training and Small Group Training.)
    • For AF Training Team Workouts, select “Group Training”.
    • For AF Training Small Group, select “Small Group Training”.   
    • Note that AF Training One-on-One Personal Training is not set up as an event, but rather managed through trainer availability.  See How to Set Your Employees' Availability in Club OS
  • Select the Location. If you are part of a multi-ownership group, make sure to select the correct applicable location.
  • Type in the Subject. 
    • For the Group Training Event Type: The event subject does not require any specific words or formatting. This means coaches can name events something other than Base, Burn or Build that more accurately describes the event, like Yoga or Stretching.
    • For the Small Group Training and Personal Training Event Type: A subject is not required for these to show in the app. However, if you are running virtual sessions for Small Group and Personal training, you will want to add the word ‘Virtual’ in the subject line to distinguish Virtual sessions from in-club sessions. 
  • Click Repeat if this event repeats on the same day/time each week. This way you only have to create the event once.
  • Add the event Start Date. This is the first date the event will show up in the AFA.
  • Add the Start Time. This will show in the AFA.
  • Add the End Time. This will show in the AFA.
  • Click the Public box. If this box is not checked, the event will NOT show in the AFA.
  • Enter the Max # of participants that can fit into your Group Training session. Once the session has reached capacity the session will show as FULL in the AFA.
  • Add the Member Service tied to this type of session. Members can only book into sessions with a  member service that matches the member service on their agreement. You must have a member service selected for the event to show in the app.
  • Click Save Event to publish the event to the AFA.
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    Kate Price

    I did this and the sessions still do not show in the app.