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Recently Added Widget


The “Recently Added” widget displays prospects and members in the order they were created (newest accounts will always be displayed at the top). Club Admins and Location Managers can filter for all of the location’s leads, while Salespeople and Trainer roles will only be able to see those leads assigned to them within the widget. This feature allows you to easily see recently created leads and quickly access their accounts, without having to go to user search.     


Recently Added Widget


This tool is useful in sales situations where a prospect fills out the Digital Guest Waiver at a kiosk before speaking with a Salesperson. It easily allows that Salesperson to locate them in the system and move forward in the sales process. They’ll be able to easily find and fill out the Guest Courtesy Card with this new lead (if applicable at your club).

This widget is an easy place to find the newest accounts, but generally should not be used for direct contact since this may disrupt your club's Follow-Up schedule and affect relevant KPIs. Please continue using the Follow-Up window to communicate. Use the Recently Added for keeping an eye on new accounts and accessing them conveniently.  

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