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Automatic Follow-ups


Club OS has released Automatic follow-ups! The below information goes into depth on what this feature will provide and how to get your automatic follow-ups set up to send out to clients.

What are Automatic Follow-ups?

The Club OS automatic follow-up feature enables clubs and their locations to send out SMS and email follow-ups automatically.

What happens if both methods fail?

If both the SMS and email delivery methods fail, the system will convert the contact to a manual follow-up. The follow-up will then populate in the assigned follow-up person’s follow-up window.

If the automatic follow-up goes into a manual follow-up, the follow-up must be completed first for the recipient to receive the next automatic follow-up.

Automatic follow-ups will not function if...

  1. AUTO TEXT ONLY: recipients that are a “Referral” status
  2. For Unassigned follow-ups
  3. If the Follow-Up has a “0” as the value set within the Follow-Up Schedule.


  1. Automatic follow-ups will not count towards your metrics/KPI.
  2. If the appointed automatic follow-up method(s) fail, the fail reason will be added as a note in the user's profile.

How are Automatic Follow-ups set up?

  1. Navigate to your “My Club” tab and then to “Follow-Up Settings”.                                                          Screen_Shot_2018-05-21_at_4.03.42_PM.png
  2. Filter by Location.Screen_Shot_2018-06-11_at_9.18.54_AM.png
  3. Click on the “Call”, “Email”, “Text”, or “Script(+)” text which will appear underneath the contact boxes.                                                                                                                               Screen_Shot_2018-06-11_at_10.51.36_AM.png
  4. Set the Follow-up type to Automatic.                                                                                                   Screen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_11.35.41_AM.png

     a. Decide when the follow-up will be sent out. (*Recipients Local Time)

     b. Select the Preferred contact method (SMS or email).

     c. Select the Fall-back contact method (opposite from preferred method or none).

  5. Once a script is added for both methods, you can click on save and a clock icon will appear.Screen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_1.01.37_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_11.38.18_AM.png
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  • Avatar
    Mike Jenulis

    This does not tell us how to change the number of days for a follow-up.

  • Avatar
    Michael Carrig

    Hi Mike!

    Changing the values in the Follow-Up schedule isn't possible from your end, but it is something that we are always happy to assist you with!

    A member of our Help Desk team will be reaching out to you soon to go over the process for getting the follow-up schedule updated.

    In the event that you ever need to make further changes in the future, you can always email us at including the details of your requested change and we can take care of it for you.