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Automatic Follow-ups


The Club OS automatic follow-up feature enables clubs and their locations to send out SMS and email follow-ups automatically. Automatic follow-ups can be a great way to both save your team time and ensure that certain follow-up communications occur exactly when you want them to.  

How They Work 

Automatic follow-ups can be configured to automatically send an email or text message using the club or locations defined follow-up script.  There are two types of configuration options for automatic follow-ups:

  1. Zero-Day - For automatic follow-ups that need to occur on the day a member or prospect enters a status, users can select the number of minutes that should pass between the member/prospect entering the status or sequence and the follow up being triggered.  Please note that follow-ups triggered outside of the club or locations defined follow-up hours will be sent at the soonest open time. If no follow-up hours have been defined for a club, no messages will be sent before 8am or after 8pm in the timezone of the location.
  2. Standard - For automatic follow-ups that occur 1 or more days after the member or prospect enters the status, users can select the time of day that they would like the follow up to be sent in the timezone of the recipient. (e.g. 3:00pm) 

For each option, users can define which type of communication method should be used as the primary automation option (e.g. Email, Text) as well as the desired fallback method if the primary option fails for any reason. If both selected methods fail, a note will be added to the user’s profile with the failure reason and the system will convert the contact to a manual follow-up. The follow-up will then populate in the assigned follow-up person’s follow-up window.

Prospects/members will not receive an automatic follow-up if any of the following are true:

  1. They have opted out of text communications and the follow-up is set up without an email fallback method. 
  2. They have opted out of email communications and the follow-up is set up without a text fallback method.
  3. They are a prospect with a ‘Referral’ origin and the follow-up is configured to send a text message without an email fallback option. 
  4. The follow-up is not assigned to a salesperson (typically this is a club level option that has been chosen to prevent any follow-ups from being assigned.)

In all scenarios above, the follow-up will be converted to a manual follow-up and appear in the follow-up window on the dashboard.  Failure reasons will always be noted on the prospect or member profile.

Automatic follow-ups will not count towards the club, location, or salesperson KPIs but information on which follow-ups were completed automatically can be found on the Follow-Ups dashboard in Sales Performance.

Setting Up Automatic Follow-Ups

Follow the instructions below to set up your automatic follow-ups with your desired scripts and contact methods. If you would like to make changes to your cadence, please contact your account manager or Club OS support. 

  1. Navigate to your “My Club” menu option and then to “Follow-Up Settings”.                                                         Screen_Shot_2018-05-21_at_4.03.42_PM.png
  2. By default, no zero-day follow-ups will be sent outside of 8am-8pm in the location's timezone.  If you would like to customize your follow-up hours, go to the Settings Tab in Follow Up Settings and specify the hours for the location or use the company hours. 
  3. Navigate to the Schedule & Scripts tab
  4. Filter by Location.
  5. Click on the “Call”, “Email”, “Text”, or “Script(+)” text which will appear underneath the contact boxes. 
  6. Set the Follow-up type to Automatic. Please note, that the options will look different depending on if you are setting up a Zero Day or a Standard automatic follow-up. 
    1. Standard
    2. Zero-Day
  7. Decide when the follow-up will be sent out based on the type of automatic follow-up being used. 
  8. Select the Preferred contact method (SMS or email).
  9. Select the Fall-back contact method (opposite from the preferred method or none(manual)).
  10. Define your Email and Text scripts that will be used for the automatic follow-up. 
  11. Once a script is added for both methods, you can click on save and a clock icon will appear. This indicates that your automatic follow-up has been configured successfully.


If at any point you would like to remove automation from your follow-up schedule, Simply click on the “Call”, “Email”, “Text”, or “Script(+)” text, select the Manual toggle in the window and then Save.  The clock icon will disappear and your follow-up will now be manual.


Best Practices

  1. If you have the ‘New Prospect Response’ automatic drip campaign set up and would like to use zero-day follow-ups for Web Leads, your drip campaign should be either disabled or updated to work alongside the zero-day follow-up messaging. 
    • Example: After entering their information online, Web leads receive an email containing information about their free guest pass (New Prospect Response Email), shortly afterward they receive a text message with a link to book an appointment that mentions to bring in their emailed guest pass and activate it.

  2. When configuring multiple zero-day follow-ups in a row, any manual steps should be completed after the automatic steps to ensure that automated follow-ups are completed on the desired schedule and not dependent on a manual follow-up being completed.



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  • Avatar
    Mike Jenulis

    This does not tell us how to change the number of days for a follow-up.

  • Avatar
    Michael Carrig

    Hi Mike!

    Changing the values in the Follow-Up schedule isn't possible from your end, but it is something that we are always happy to assist you with!

    A member of our Help Desk team will be reaching out to you soon to go over the process for getting the follow-up schedule updated.

    In the event that you ever need to make further changes in the future, you can always email us at including the details of your requested change and we can take care of it for you.