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New Release: 6/11/18 - Anytime Fitness



Training Management: Auto-Renew type shows on summary screen

The Member Service agreement summary will now feature a new column labeled 'Renewal Type' between the 'Contract Period' and 'Status' columns. This column will enable trainers to quickly identify the agreement's renewal type in order to evaluate if the training client needs to be sold a a new agreement or if the agreement will continue to draft. 





Reporting: Accrual Report has a section for Cancellation Invoices

Formerly Cancellation invoices were not included in the Accrual Report, leading to discrepancies when comparing the report with the PT Total revenue KPI. Now you will see a "Cancellation" section in the report indicating the total of any cancellation fees charged for the period of time the report has been pulled. 




Marketing: Improved wording for "Target Audience" Email Campaign Filters

We changed the wording for the filters for account creation, join date, and check ins, to avoid double-negatives and improve readability. Instead of “DO NOT send to”, they now read “Exclude”.





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