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Changing Training Agreement Bill Dates


In an effort to increase flexibility within Club OS Training Management and for your training clients, users will now be able to change future bill dates on their clients’ training agreements.


The ability to change the bill date on a training agreement is a role-level permission that must be granted to staff. It works in the same way permissions to Freeze or Comp an agreement currently function. Restricted Club Admins will have it allowed by default. You can find the permission by navigating to User Settings> Permissions> Package Billing section.


The ability to change the bill date will be in two different places when you click into a training agreement. Select the ‘Edit’ button to make the desired changes. (screenshots below)



When changing an agreement's bill date you will be given the option to change the next bill date or all future bill dates (if applicable).


Editing the next scheduled payment

    • A date between tomorrow and up to *the day before the end of the agreement’s term can be selected.
      • *This means that the new bill date for the scheduled payment could now be after the other scheduled payments.
      • Dates that already have a scheduled payment will be greyed out because we do not support billing someone two invoices on the same day.
    • Exception: If the member has fallen extremely behind on their payments such that their agreement end date has now passed, we will allow their next scheduled payment to be moved to any future date. (The assumption here is that there’s either just one scheduled payment left, or that the member cannot pay the rest of them and this is the last payment they’ll be making.)  
    • Example:
      • There is an agreement with monthly billing on the 1st, and the terms ends on 12/31/18. Today is April 5.
      • The member wants to change their next scheduled payment date.
      • Any date between April 6 and December 30, 2018 can be selected as long as there’s not already a scheduled payment on that date.  
    • After the change has been successfully made, the rescheduled payment will show chronologically in the scheduled payments list.





Editing all scheduled payments

    • The agreement’s bill cycle will govern what options are available for the new bill date(s).
      • Monthly: A new day of the month can be selected.
      • Semi-monthly: A new bill pair can be selected (1st and 16th or 10th and 25th).
      • Weekly: A new day of the week can be selected.
    • From there, an effective date can be selected that will include any applicable dates from tomorrow through the end of the next original billing period.
      • Example for monthly billing:
        • There is an agreement with monthly billing on the 1st. Today is April 5th.
        • The member wants to change all future payment dates to the 15th of the month.
        • After selecting the new day of the month, one of these two effective dates can be selected:
          • April 15th.
          • May 15th.
      • Exception: If the member has fallen extremely behind on their payments such that their agreement end date has now passed, we will show them the two next possible billing dates to pick from.
      • The top left of the edit screen will display the next payment date along with an indication of whether their next units will be released earlier or later than per the original payment schedule.
      • After the change has been made, the scheduled payment list will be updated with the new bill dates, and the agreement will show the new bill date information in the top left of the edit screen.
        • If the agreement is in auto-renew, and there are no scheduled payments in the list, you’ll just see the agreement’s bill date at the top left change.



Very important information regarding Freezes

    • Freezes aren’t compatible with changing bill dates at this time. If you’ve moved an individual payment or all scheduled payments for an agreement, it will not be possible to freeze it.   


Situations where you cannot change a bill date:

    • The agreement is currently frozen. If the user wants to make changes, they can modify the freeze to end it early (but note they will not be able to re-add a freeze after that).  
    • The agreement does not auto-renew and it has no remaining scheduled payments. This means that the agreement has no future scheduled payments to change.
    • The agreement has an invoice that is currently a chargeback. When there is a chargeback, all scheduled payments are removed and the agreement is not billed (therefore there are no scheduled payments to be moved).



  • If there are multiple reasons why scheduled payments can’t be edited, they will be listed in the message window (shown above).


An agreement’s next scheduled payment cannot be changed if…

    • It is in auto-renewal and has no scheduled payments (e.g. the next scheduled payment will not be generated until the agreement auto-renews). In this case, the only option available will be to change all scheduled payments.
    • In this case you can open the edit screen, but this option will be disabled with a message explaining why.


And all scheduled payments cannot be changed if…

    • The agreement has a future cancel date.
    • The agreement has future freeze.
    • In these cases you can open the edit screen, but this option will be disabled with a message explaining why.   

There is no limit to the amount of times that a bill date can be changed, as long it does not meet any of the criteria listed above.



  • The two reports that provide information on future revenue, the Projections Report and the PT Scheduled Draft Report, will reflect moved scheduled payment dates.  


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