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New Member Orientations Report [Breakdown]


The New Member Orientations Report lists all new members sold within the date range, and the corresponding orientations they have scheduled.

This report is filterable by Date Range and Location. For more tips on how to access, filter, and schedule this report, click here.



An example of this report can be seen below:




Columns in this report include:

  1. Location: The location in which the new membership was sold and orientation was booked at.
  2. Sale Date: This is the sale date located on the membership agreement that was sold.
  3. Member: The name of the member in which the orientation was booked.
  4. Membership Type: The type of membership that was sold to the member.
  5. Event Date: The date of the orientation that is booked for the member.
  6. Event Subject: This is the contents of the subject field located in the scheduled event.
  7. Event Status: The status of the orientation event assigned to the member.
  8. Note: Appointment statuses include 'CP' - Completed, 'CN' - Cancelled, and 'NN' - No Show.
  9. Trainer: The staff member who is assigned to the member.
  10. Salesperson: The staff member who sold the Member’s agreement.
  11. Barcode: Assigned barcode based on your integration settings from your billing provider.
  12. Mobile: The mobile phone number of the member.
  13. Work: The work phone number of the member.
  14. Home: The home phone number of the member.
  15. Email: The email address of the member.
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