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New Member Orientations Report


The New Member Orientations Report lists all new members within a selected date range, along with Orientations scheduled for those members. (At some clubs, Orientations is referred to by another name, like Assessment or Fitness Consultation.) This report can be filtered by employee and location.

Sample New Member Orientations Report

Sample report top

Sample report bottom

New Member Orientations Report Fields:

  1. Location
  2. Sale Date: Date of the membership agreement
  3. Member: Member's name
  4. Membership Type
  5. Event Date: Date of the orientation
  6. Event Subject: If applicable, the "Event Subject" on the Orientation's calendar event.
  7. Event Status: The status of the orientation event (such as Completed, Canceled, or No-Show).
  8. Trainer: The Member's assigned trainer
  9. Salesperson: The staff member who sold the Member’s agreement.
  10. Barcode: Assigned by the club's billing provider.
  11. Mobile: The mobile phone number of the member.
  12. Work: The work phone number of the member.
  13. Home: The home phone number of the member.
  14. Email: The email address of the member.


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