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Convert Inactive Member To Prospect


This article will discuss how to convert an Inactive Member to a Prospect. 



1: Navigate to the profile of the Inactive Member you would like to convert to a Prospect.

Note: To be an Inactive Member, you must fall under one of the following statuses:

  • Inactive Member - Canceled: A Member who has canceled their club membership.

  • Inactive Member - Collections: A Member who was past due on their membership and the location sent their account to collections.

  • Inactive Member - Expired: A Member who has not renewed their expired membership.


2. Once you locate the Inactive Member you want to convert, select the Prospecting>General tab on the left side the screen. 




3. Once you are on the general page, you should see a button just below the General tab labeled Convert Inactive Member to Prospect.




4. Select the Convert Inactive Member to Prospect button and you will be prompted with a command ensuring you would like to execute this action as it is not reversible. 




Once you select the Convert Inactive Member to Prospect button, the current Inactive Member profile will be deleted and a new Prospect account will be created with the same personal details, Marketing Source, Origin and the previous membership information will be added as a Lead Note for reference. They will also fall under the lead status in which they originated (i.e. Web Lead) in your follow-up queue adhering to the current schedule you have set up for that status.


 NOTE: If you do not see this feature, your role may be limited by the permission to do so or may not be accessible per your club setup. 

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